We are a group of Latin American communication professionals and urban artists who share an optimistic view of the future.

In order to prove it, we put our skills to the service of GOOD MESSAGES so that society will also say "YES, WE CAN."

To make it happen, we work with different NGOs and a wide contacts network that we connect to generate movement and action.

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Our Philosophy: The 4 V’s

The Value of Humans
The Value of Words
The Value of Commitment
The Value of Responsibility

About Us

The talent of our members is the spark that ignites this bomb.

We assemble professionals in the areas of Advertising, Social Communication, Design, Web Development, Social Media, Public Relations, Audiovisual productions, Arts, and Photography hoping to make the most of their attributes in messages that society will appreciate and keep.

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We’re simply connectors

Felicidad en movimiento
(Moving Happiness)

We were there for the most colorful 5K.

Action details

We supported the Organization Felicidad en Movimiento (Moving Happiness) in the colors race, a fun and original event that generates a truly joyful atmosphere. The Carrera de la Felicidad (Happy Run) is an event for solidarity with part of the earnings going to financing different NGOs.
The last edition included: WINGU, non profit technology, UNIDOS EN EL CAMINO, ACER Association and CAMINO A JERICÓ. We’re there with the Community Management of their social networks. We’re looking forward to the next date!

It all begins with a conversation


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